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Positive Education & SEL | 6 Free Activities for Students & Families


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About This Lesson

Are you looking for ways to incorporate happiness and social-emotional learning at home? These printable activities and worksheets might be just what you’re looking for! 

Here’s what you’ll love:

* The activities are easy to read and implement.

* You can use these resources as standalone worksheets or as part of a comprehensive, science-informed unit study.

* Each activity comes with IEP and BIP recommendations tailored specifically to students with autism 

* Use these during holiday breaks, at parent-teacher conferences, or in IEP meetings

* Proof Positive’s resources are and will always be free

The best part is parents, families, and at-home providers can use these activities to enhance their own wellbeing, right along with their students. It's a win-win!

It’s Positively Proven! 

Everyone, including those with autism, deserves happiness. Using the science of positive psychology to teach the skills of happiness over time can enhance wellbeing and develop resilience for you, your families, and people with autism.

Take control of your wellbeing and promote the wellbeing of others because when we feel better, we do better. Learn more about the science of positive psychology.

Take a peek at each resource below (instructions and printable worksheet included for each activity):

Gratitude at Home

  • Activity 1: Gratitude at Meals
  • Activity 2: Gratitude Car Talks

Measure Wellbeing at Home

  • Activity 3: Wellbeing Wednesdays
  • Activity 4: Elements of Wellbeing Spotlight

Celebrate Strengths at Home

  • Activity 5: A Strength a Day
  • Activity 6: Strength Spotting for Sleep Journal

Detailed breakdown of each resource included:

Worksheet: Gratitude at Meals 

At a meal (or some other convenient time), think of What Went Well in each of

the three areas below. You can share your answers out loud (including with a

communications device), write them down, or even draw them.

Worksheet: Gratitude Car Talks

In the car (or at some other convenient time), think of What Went Well in each of

the three areas below. You can share your answers out loud (including with a

communications device), write them down, or even draw them.

Wellbeing Wednesdays - Poster 

Make this PERMA+ Snapshot poster visible to your family wherever they come together. You may find it helpful to give each family member a post-it or face picture within each element that they can move around. Each Wednesday, take time to discuss your PERMA+ Snapshot scores. If Wednesdays don’t work for you, choose another day that is convenient for your family.

Worksheet: PERMA+ Element Spotlight

For each of the next six weeks, choose one PERMA+ element for your family to focus on. You can go in order, choose which one seems good that week, or make a game out of it by drawing them at random out of a jar or hat. Each week, have your family members share what they do to boost each element and decide on an activity to do together that focuses on your spotlight element of the week. Use this worksheet for activity ideas and add your own!

A Strength A Day -  24 Cards

Cut out each of the 24 character strength cards and place them in a jar or bowl. Each morning, pull one strength that the entire family will focus on putting into action during their day. In the evening, share how your family used the strength.

Worksheet: Strength Spotting for Sleep Journal 

At bedtime, shift the focus to strengths. Start a journal where your family will spend a few

minutes each night practicing Strength Spotting. The Strength Spotting for Sleep journal

on pages 15-16 includes a list of all 24 strengths so that you can spot a variety of Character

Strengths in one another.

★ Bonus access to full lesson plans and unit studies  on the skills of happiness at our Skill Center

★For more skills of happiness, activities, and teaching resources, visit Proof Positive’s skill center:




November 10, 2023
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