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Puzzles, Mazes, and Mysteries - Activities Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons


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Grade Level Grades 4-8
Resource Type Lesson Plan

About This Lesson

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to empower your students to become more confident, tackle challenges head-on, and learn perseverance? 

Puzzles, Mazes, and Mysteries is a standards-based language arts program with activities inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Students collaborate to solve problems during imaginary adventures, making real-world connections.

Students and teachers do not need prior knowledge of D&D to use the programs. They just need imagination and a collaborative spirit!

Complete teacher's kits for grades 4-6 and 6-8 include:

  • Teacher's guide/lesson plan
  • 3 reproducible student activity sheets

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:

  • Curricular standards chart
  • Build an Adventure storytelling teaching kits
  • Digital student magazine
  • D&D resources
  • And more!

Made Possible By: Wizards of the Coast



Puzzles Mazes and Mysteries_Teacher's Kit_Grades 4-6.pdf

Lesson Plan
April 6, 2023
23.79 MB

Puzzles Mazes and Mysteries_Teacher's Kit_Grades 6-8.pdf

Lesson Plan
April 6, 2023
24.55 MB


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