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5th Grade Math Worksheets - Lesson Plans & Resources

Browse high-quality 5th grade math worksheets:

  • Perfect for educators and parents, our worksheets provide an excellent resource to complement both in-school and homeschool instruction.
  • Find worksheets for fractions, decimals, volume, or geometry, these 5th grade math worksheets cover all vital topics as per the core curriculum.
  • Skillfully designed, they challenge and engage fifth graders to improve their numerical skills and critical thinking abilities.
  • Our broad array of 5th grade math worksheets ensures that no key concept is missed, positioning as the definitive source for grade 5 math education.
  • Make math learning enjoyable, practical, and accessible for your 5th grader with our comprehensive collection of worksheets.

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Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Resources

Recent 5th Grade Math Worksheets Lesson Plans & Resources

June 2023 Critical Thinking Noodler Worksheet: Send a message from outer space -> Design a local library

Worksheet | Grades 2-6, Higher Education, Adult Education, Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel, Specialized Instructional Support Personnel

Georgia Teaching Pack

Activity, Assessment, Handout, Interactive, Lesson Plan | Grades 3-5

North Carolina Teaching Pack

Activity, Handout, Presentation | Grades K-5

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