Reading Closely Unit (EZ to Digest Form)

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These reading closely lessons are redesigned so that lower level students can acquire and practice skills prescribed by the Common Core. The lessons focus on small sections of the skills sets needed to develop students’ abilities to read closely for textual details and compare authors’ perspectives through an examination of a series of texts about United States education. All PPS are designed to meet Common Core State Standards. All files needed for this unit can be found on the following link:

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May 2020
Wonderful close reading unit! There is no question that by the end of the unit, every student has the ability to closely read and analyze a text for the rest of the year. Built in differentiation for low to high level readers. Thank you so much for sharing!
November 2018
I actually like this resource. There are many powerpoints. I think a teacher would need to look through each one individually to identify which one specifically they can use. I like that you can print the pages for your students. I plan to use two and adapt some of the language. At first the lessons seem complex, but after looking through them, the ease of use is apparent.
December 2018
Thank you. This is one of the most thorough and thought through review I have received. I appreciate the feedback.
October 2016
Will be using this for ALL of my classes including RTI. What a great resource. Before, our text books would present a story around a focus (e.g. Plot) and then the questions are seemingly unrelated. This has a set of questions that can be used over and over to build close reading skills and allows me to build Tier I and Tier II questions. Thank you!!!
October 2016
Jcrod, thank you for the kind words. I am pleased that my work is useful to you. I wish you well in your endeavors.
June 2016
June 2016
This is awesome. I think that your selection of familiar images and use of student friendly vocabulary will definitely engage students. Thank you so much!
July 2015
Awesome helpful strategies
September 2014
Great for individualized RTI instruction.
July 2014
Great resources for use with intervention group - thank you
February 2014
I love the simplistic way the information is organized. It will a breeze for seasoned teachers as well as new. I will definitely share with my Professional Learning Committee.
January 2014
Close reading is crucial to understanding text. I love your approach, and am sharing it with my English Dept. Thank you!!!
December 2013
Love these, right on point!
December 2013
This is outstanding! Breaks down the Common Core skills in small chunks. Targets it down into understandable sections for students. Very impressed. Starter questions not only for writing, but speaking and listening.
November 2013
I only read the first lesson, which was your PowerPoint. I'm surprised so many people have viewed and no one has reviewed because it's very fabulous of you to share all this work! So I copied your PowerPoint and will modify for my 6th grade classroom. Thank you!!