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The Rise Of Dictatorship

Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Assessment


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Italy benefited a lot under the Fascist regime but in the longer run, it proved quite disastrous for Italy and her people. Mussolini carried out administrative and economic reforms.The word ‘Fascism has been derived from the Italian word fascio which means union or league or dictatorship. Dictatorship is the power of the State on one Man only and for all others to obey his or her orders. And he brought more lands under cultivation and tried to improve and expand the transport system. In the beginning, during his period factories and mills were nationalized to improve the lot of workers. Besides these positive impacts there were many negative effects of fascism.The freedom of speech and organizing meetings was also forbidden. After their defeat in the first world war, the Germans revolted against their king, Kaiser Wilhelm II who was failed to fulfill.

In the second world war Germany was totally defeated by the allied power. In 1945 Hitler committed suicide. With his death, Nazism came to an end in Germany. Benito Mussolini started off as a socialist but became anti-socialist and secondly we see also Hitler, who was an Austrian by birth, had fought in the German army during first world war and in 1919, he joined a small political group it is called as the German Workers Party and he was very soon became its leader and President of Germany.

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February 10, 2020
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