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The Rise of Firearm Suicide among Young Americans

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-12, Specialized Instructional Support Personnel


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Firearm suicide is having a devastating impact on American youth. Over the past decade, the firearm suicide rate among young people has increased faster than in any other age group. Today, it is at an all-time high. As students begin an unpredictable school year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern that the anxiety and loneliness already felt by many young people will continue to increase. This comes at the same time as the US has seen an unprecedented surge in gun sales, raising concern about the already growing rates of firearm suicide as many youth continue to stay home. But suicide, including firearm suicide, can be prevented. We know that removing access to firearms, a particularly lethal means, is the easiest and quickest intervention. We can potentially save lives by implementing policies that limit easy and immediate access to firearms, increasing awareness of risk factors, improving access to mental health care, and supporting America’s youth. Please click the link below to view the full report on the Everytown Research page.


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