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Sesame Street in Communities: Virtual Resources on Breathing and Yoga


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About This Lesson

We know you have adapted activities to be virtual - so here are some recommendations to engage families with little ones this summer to learn and have fun at the same time! Each activity provides suggested learning ideas for families to do together. Among the different types of resources available on, you'll find the following:

  • Videos. Watch videos together with your little one! Follow the prompts and guiding questions provided with each video to help start the conversation, extend the learning, and create your own follow up activities!
  • Printables. Printables include coloring pages, directories, games and activities to cut out, stories to share, and tools for adults! Prompts and guiding questions can help you extend the learning and make each activity even more meaningful.
  • Interactives. Interactives can help kids and grown-ups practice strategies and play. Play on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop together.
  • Storybooks. Read through a digital storybook together with children. As you read, point to characters, ask questions, and talk about what you’re seeing. Then use your imagination to act out or extend the story!
  • Articles. Articles offer quick tips and strategies for grown-ups. Sometimes they go more in-depth to equip caregivers to have tough conversations with confidence.
  • Workshops. Workshops are digital resource bundles to help you learn, play, and practice. They include 2 or 3 different types of resources that work well together. 




August 3, 2020
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