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Sikh Way of Life

Grade Level Grades 6-12


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These are three winning videos from the United Sikhs and Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Video Contest. Not In Our School and the UNITED SIKHS  presented the winning films for the NIOS and United Sikhs Anti-Bullying Video Contest at the Gurdwara Sahib in Fremont, CA in June. The contest asked Sikh students from across the state to create short videos to share their anti-bullying message and teach peers of all backgrounds about the Sikh culture and religion. The goal of the contest was to promote intercultural understanding and to help create welcoming environments that are free of bullying.


Stand Up, Speak Up, End Bullying -United Sikhs Video Contest
Remote video URL
End Bullying-United Sikhs Short Film Competiion (Upgraded)
Remote video URL
Kudrat Ke Sabh Bande (All Are Created Equal)
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