Solving Equations Board Game with Monsters Inc

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This is a board game which requires students to answer questions on solving linear equations; they then go backwards or forwards by the answer. I would suggest the students play in threes and the winner is the first player to get around the board three times. This makes a nice main activity or wrap up. It is differentiated so there are two different levels; orange is easier and green is more challenging. I photocopy each color onto opposite sides of one sheet of A3 and laminate.

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July 2016
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January 2016
March 2014
Cute game!
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
June 2012
Fantastic,Thanks for sharing.
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June 2012
Absolutely amazing idea! I am trying to create one for simultaneous equations where each player will choose whether or not they move back/forward the number of spaces of x or y before starting the game!? Thanks for sharing.
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May 2012
Absolutely first class resource! Great activity based on the film 'Monsters Inc'. Will definitely be using this one, thank you
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April 2012
Thanks for sharing! I think my students will love it.