A Statistics Lesson Using Olympic Medal Tables


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The lesson investigates the fairness of the Olympic Medals table and encourages students to use math to look at alternative ways to rank teams in the medal table.There are two sets of PowerPoint slides that drive the lesson.There is a lesson plan and some

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July 2013
I like the activity…It is a rigorous task open to powerful discussions…by the way, I found the video at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoJzmmsOeW8 Thanks for sharing
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April 2010
I'm trying to find the video but to no avail, could you send the link or possibly some hints on how to find it?
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April 2010
Five to ten the night before the first day of term - great save! <br/>This is what I've had in mind to plan for a while - looks like you did it for me