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StoryMakers with Tommy Greenwald and Charlie Greenwald THE RESCUES

Grade Level Grades K-3


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Join Tommy and Charlie Greenwald, the father and son writing duo behind the early reading story, THE RESCUES – FINDING HOME. It’s the story of two rescue dogs and their journey to find friendship, belonging, and a place they can finally call home. Tommy and Charlie chat with Rocco about working on a book with a family member and the inspiration their own rescue dogs bring!

Kids! If you were going to rescue a pet, which would you choose and what would you name it? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Two shelter dogs await adoption in this early reader story
about friendship, family, and home.

Moose and Bear are two scrappy shelter dogs patiently waiting for the right owner to adopt them. They meet, become friends, and one day a Cathy decides to take them both home. Despite their luck, they must face the challenges of settling into their new home. Along the way, they learn about each other, and their friendship deepens. Told with humor and heart, Finding Home is a tale that champions the importance of family and relays how it feels to belong and to have a place to call home.


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