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Teaching Cruella: an Identity mini-unit

Subject ArtsDramaEnglish Language Arts
Grade Level Grades 8-12
Resource Type Activity, Handout, Presentation


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This Cruella mini-unit is an integrated academic, social, and emotional plan to connect with students, create a safe space for them as you build a classroom community, and address social and emotional competencies like "self-awareness," "social awareness," and "relationship skills." 

This mini-unit includes a previewing guide, a student note sheet for while viewing, a teacher's guide with timestamps of when to pause the movie with notes, and questions for a student-led discussion. Additionally, I've included the "Playlist" activity which follows this mini-unit. 

#2 Partner Lesson of 2021


1 Review
This lesson plan is amazing! I am definitely using it this year! It is relevant, engaging and hits so many ELA TEKS! Great job and thank you!
Patricia Carter 1
July 26, 2021