Tip-Tap handwashers - recycling - water topic

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This easy to make African tap for a school garden is a fun, practical challenge for pupils. They can make their own version of this recycled hygiene device in groups and have a mini competition. It makes a great addition to any school garden. You can also enter the ‘Best Tip-Tap’ category in our African Gardens Competition by using the entry form contained in our kits (see web links for more info, resources and a video).


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July 2016
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January 2016
August 2013
Excellent hands on activity to create a "tip tap" or crude water source used to increase hygiene practices. Includes video, ppt., directions and links.
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November 2011
A really well thought out topic which has been professionally produced. The pdf document contains the instructions for the project itself and is accompanied and supported by three web pages. A fun looking project that involves learning by doing with lots of team work and practical.