Train your Brain! Mental math ppt

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Train your Brain!  Mental math ppt

<p>Inspired by the Dr K’s Brain Training; I’ve made a PowerPoint containing 50 slides of quick fire calculations for practicing mental math (+ x -). Could easily be adapted by changing the numbers or operations. The slides are set to show for 4 seconds on screen before changing; this could be altered to give more or less time depending on the ability of the children. I work on aiming for accuracy first then speed.</p>

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July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
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January 2012
This looks brilliant! I have some competitive little chaps in my math group and they will love this challenge - it will also give me a really good assessment tool for mental math. Thank you - this must have taken you ages. Really appreciate your hard wor
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
September 2011
A wonderful resource which I have used as a motivational tool, the students settle really quickly when this starts. I have made another one using this as a template because the students were starting to become too familiar with this one!
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July 2011
Super idea - will defo use! May even put sound effect for each slide so kids writing answers on a whiteboard know when it has moved onto next Q.
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August 2008
Sure this will be a hit with the children: than you
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July 2008
I'll adapt this for older pupils. GREAT IDEA!
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December 2007
Oh how brilliant this is ! Thank you very much.
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November 2007
Thank you for sharing. This will come in very handy.