Trigonometry Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt activity (like match cards but round the classroom - see instructions) on trigonometry. Differentiated with 2 levels; low level involves only finding missing sides; higher level involves both sides and angles.


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July 2016
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January 2016
April 2015
Tried this today with a few modifications and over-complicated it! I will just run it like the instructions say next time. I think it is a very worth-while activity. If you wanted a quieter activity I think you could also give the kids a stack of the question cards and then just have them put them in order.
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January 2012
A very nice way to consolidate the understanding of pupils of the topic of trigonometry. I like the idea of the activity, that pupils have to find the answer to a question in order to retrieve the next question. A fun and engaging way to maybe end a lesson or end the topic of trigonometry.