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UK Mathematical Challenge

UK Mathematical Challenge


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Subject Math
Grade Level PreK, Grades K-12

About This Lesson

The UK Mathematical Challenge is an annual competition to stimulate mathematical problem-solving among students in the United Kingdom. Organized by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT), the challenge is open to students from primary school through to sixth form (ages 11-18). Participants are presented with a series of engaging and thought-provoking mathematical problems, designed to test their problem-solving skills, mathematical reasoning, and creativity. The competition is divided into different levels, including the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Challenges, catering to students of varying abilities. It not only encourages students to develop their mathematical skills but also fosters a love for the subject and provides an opportunity for them to showcase their talents on a national level. The UK Mathematical Challenge has become a prestigious event within the mathematics education community, attracting thousands of participants each year and serving as a platform to celebrate mathematical excellence.

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UK Junior Mathematical Challenge | Questions & Solutions | UKMT - 2023
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