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Video: Travel Deep Inside a Leaf

Subject ScienceBiology
Grade Level Grades 9-12


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What would you see if you could shrink down to fit inside a plant cell?

Grade level: 5-12+
Length: 3 minutes
Next Generation Science Standards: MS-LS1.A, MS-LS1.C, HS-LS1.A, HS-LS1.C (DCIs); Systems, Scale, Energy and Matter (CCCs)

Take a journey inside a leaf of a redwood tree! Enter the stoma and view the inside of a plant cell, translucent enough to capture light from the sun.  Fly by familiar structures like the nucleus and mitochondria, and settle into the chloroplast to watch photosynthesis at work. Reflect on the change in scale as you travel down to the molecular level!

Turn on the subtitles of the annotated version of this videoby clicking the CC icon, or read through this transcript, to better understand what is being illustrated and what is intentionally left out.

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Travel Deep Inside a Leaf | California Academy of Sciences
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