What to teach students in High school accounting classes

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Accounting is a very interesting language to be taught in high school classes. Anyone who likes calculation and enjoys keeping accounts of the expenses would love doing accounting. If you like mathematics and enjoy doing large sums accounting should be your favorite. There are many things that can be taught in accounting course but some of the most fundamental things that should be taught to a high school student are discussed here.


Introduction to accounting

As a high school student, it is important to first introduce the concepts and basics of accounting to a student. The course should include everything that is related to accounting basics so the student feels comfortable with accounting. The students should be taught the terminologies like debit, credit and be given clear concepts so they can start doing advanced sums later in the curriculum. It is very important to develop a strong basis for doing accounting later in higher classes.


Course overview of accounting

A student that has taken accounting for study should be given a proper course overview of what he is about to learn in this course. Doing so gives the student an idea of what he is about to learn and might also be able to ignite a spark of interest in the mind of a student about accounting. They can be given an overview of how important accounting is to run a business and the job opportunities that are waiting for a good accountant. Students can be taught some basic equations and some terminology that is used in accounting. They can be given an opportunity to find out if a transaction is a debit or credit transaction. They can be taught the converged standard on revenue recognition. It can be a bit advanced but to encourage enthusiasm it is important to make sure that the students don't feel bored as young minds are less attentive. The course overview should be able to capture the attention of the student and make them willing to put efforts to learn and gather knowledge about accounting.


Teach them about accounting cycle

In high school accounting courses a curriculum must be designed to teach them about the accounting cycle. We know that there are 7 steps in the accounting cycle and each step should be broken down into several classes so the student can understand them properly.


How to do financial analysis

The main purpose of accounting to make the students be good financial analysts. Financial analysis should be taught to the students. Students should be able to use the skills and knowledge that they have learned in the previous classes and apply them to check the financial status of a case study. The ultimate goal is to make the students be able to do a financial analysis of a company.


Giving regular projects related to accounting

It is important to constantly give the students projects that are related to accounting for their development and engagement in class. Projects are a good way to remind the students of the keynotes that they have learned in the previous classes. Groups can be formed for some projects so they can learn the value of teamwork.

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