When Hate Is in the Headlines: Resources for K-12 Educators

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Join us for a webinar with education experts from the American Federation of Teachers, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project, the Anti-Defamation League and Facing History and Ourselves

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Available for one-hour of PD credit.

We will review lessons on the events in Charlottesville, covering topics such as the so-called alt-right, the history of hate and white supremacy, how to talk about race and religion, memorials and monuments, the First and Second amendments, and the emotional impact on our students. We will share resources on these topics and concrete examples of how to discuss these issues with students in elementary, middle and high school.

Our students and their families deserve to know that we are allies in the fight against intolerance and bigotry. Providing thoughtful, intentional lessons on the events in Charlottesville, and on the fight against bigotry and intolerance, is one way of addressing their very serious questions and concerns.

After the webinar concludes, we will continue our conversation with a Twitter chat using the hashtag #CharlottesvilleCurriculum.


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June 2020
Great Webinar. How can I access my certificate for the webinar on Stop Hate?
October 2017
This looks very cool. Going to save it to watch when I have some free time and incorporate into my unit on civil liberties and the Constitution. C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations had some good resources on hate speech and free speech too.
August 2017
August 2017
Thank you!
August 2017
Could not view webinar. Is it taped so that I can still access it? I am so disappointed. Jeannine Curran
August 2017
It was a great webinar from what I heard, but unfortunately the technical issues kept me from getting the entire webinar. I downloaded Flash and ran the test multiple times before I finally was logged in.
August 2017
August 2017
webinar not playing. After reinstalling Flashplayer 2 times, the "test" did not work. When I hit the webcast link in the email, the launch page showed up for a nano-second and then went to this page http://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/console/EventConsoleApollo.jsp?&eventid=1488805&sessionid=1&username=&partnerref=&format=fhaudio&mobile=false&flashsupportedmobiledevice=false&helpcenter=false&key=7BFF5E3C7E03E385526D4844EB9BC171&text_language_id=en&playerwidth=1000&playerheight=650&overwritelobby=y&eventuserid=177882606&contenttype=L&mediametricsessionid=142890981&mediametricid=2137043&usercd=177882606&mode=launch. Will there be another time to participate or in some way experience the webinar?? Thanks in advance.
August 2017
having trouble- webinar not playing for me.
August 2017