Remembering Malcolm X

Monday, February 23, 2015

by Listen Current

On February 21, 1965 Malcolm X was assassinated while on stage giving a speech in Harlem. 39 year old Malcolm X was shot 21 times by three gunmen from the Nation of Islam, a group he had left the previous year. For the 50th anniversary of his killing we reached into the NPR archive to find a story about the life and legacy of this influential black leader.

Listen to the Story from NPR

Anniversary of the Killing of Malcolm X


1. At the time of his death how was Malcolm X seen by the white and black community?

2. Which of his ideas of black power lived on after his death?

3. How did Malcolm X help blacks see themselves? How did he make the word "black" a word of power?

4. Describe the international focus on his demand for human rights.

5. Which of his ideas of black power did not materialize?

6. How has the African American community changed since the end of the Civil Rights Movement?

7. How does Malcolm X resonate today?

Classroom Discussion Themes

1. How can the way people are remembered change over time?

2. What impact did Malcolm X’s ideology have on the identity of African Americans?

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