Today's News, Tomorrow's Lesson - January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Children have taken their imagination to infinity and beyond as part
of a competition to dream up the future of space travel.

The Space Foundation, whose mission is “to advance space-related
endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity,” received entries
from more than 7,000 children aged between 3 and 18 for its annual
international student art contest.

Original artwork was submitted on the theme of “My Spaceship Looks
Like...” from students eager to depict their flights of fancy past the
final frontier.

Winners included Stephanie Chen, aged 16, from Jericho High School
in New York, who picked up a Space Foundation achievement award for her
Chuck Taylor-inspired space boots, which included space-age design and
tiny wings.

Other successful entrants included Endri Zavalani, a homeschooled
child from Albania, who won second prize in the ages 3-4 category for
the picture of a spaceship he created entirely from pinecones and other
foliage, and Zi Lu Wang, a student at the Absolute Fine Art Studio in
Corona, California, who triumphed in the ages 13-14 category for his
portrait of a zeppelin- and pirate ship-inspired spacecraft.

The full gallery of winning entries, which may well blast off some
creativity in your own students, can be found at the Space
Foundation website


1. Why is it important to link subjects like art and science

2. How might competitions like this make an impact on space exploration
in the future?

3. If you could design a spaceship, what special features would it have
to make it safe, effective and cool?

4. Some people argue that space exploration is a waste of money. Do you
agree? Why or why not?