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Christopher TEMPLETON

Christopher TEMPLETON

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Christopher Templeton is a scriptwriter and educationalist whose documentaries and schools programs have highlighted major themes and events across the world, bringing them to the attention of both students and audiences alike. He is the Founder of Significant Void (sV) a company that incubates ideas, harnesses the power of activism and then matches its script output to a complimentary range of channels in education, film and technology.

Christopher was born in Los Angeles. He graduated with a Masters in Scriptwriting at the London Film School and worked for many years at the BBC World Service His radio plays and documentaries  were particularly well-received by critics, as being:  "...unbearably moving." 

Christopher often employs his screenplays within the educational sphere and has today produced an original set of teacher toolkit programs called 'Why?' for the American Federation of Teachers. The complete set includes: 'Wars & Why They Exist' and 'Migration & Why it Happens'. You can find them all here on SML.