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LGBTQ History Month: Free Lesson Plans, Resources and Activities

LGBTQ History Month: Free Lesson Plans, Resources and Activities


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Take A Deep-Dive Into LGBTQ History

Support and celebrate LGBTQ students and inspire meaningful advocacy with these free lesson plans, activities and resources. The Share My Lesson team is featuring these free LGBTQ History Month resources to not only advocate for students and their well-being, but to ultimately raise awareness in schools and communities by building mutual understanding and acceptance. In this collection, you’ll find critical, educator-driven content from our partners that features resources like:

Students who identify as LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, asexual and allies) face bullying at significantly higher rates than their peers and the consequences are heartbreaking. Dedicated educators have an extraordinary opportunity each day to create a safe and welcoming environment for children who come through their doors and thrive.

LGBTQ History Month: Digging Deeper

In 1994, A Missouri high school teacher named Rodney Wilson organized teachers and community leaders to push for the recognition of a month dedicated to the celebration and teaching of LGBTQ history. The month of October was chosen since most schools are in session at that time and other existing traditions such as Coming Out Day (10/11) are observed as well.


October is also bullying prevention month. Explore Share My Lesson's curated collection of resources to support your students and their families.


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