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Spearheading a radically new educational approach, I am the author of educational programs with a distinct accent on film and technology.

The 'Watch, Discuss, Share' approach allows students to rapidly extend their knowledge and conceptual understanding of language and history. My current SML program 'Kalashnikov's Dream: Wars & Why They Exist', is currently one of the most successful on the site, run by 149 Teachers throughout the US and only launched 3 months ago.

The toolkits offer a wide range of work, action, discussion and role-playing activities. Engagement is secured by viewing short documentaries along with several videos of globally respected thought-leaders rendered in a motivational 'TED Talk' style. I win students over through my five guiding tenets:

  • Young people are inherently good
  • Young people want to learn 
  • Young people want to be intelligent adults
  • Education is a ‘right of passage’ event 
  • Screens are here to stay

You can see here that I am pioneering a new wave of education, employing sophisticated visual techniques and technology to enhance the educational experience. What makes my programs different is how lessons are connected to social and environmental dynamics outside the classroom. The teacher is empowered and for the first time the classroom experience is expanded into the virtual space of Films, Applications and Live Streaming.

However, I cannot develop this approach without the input of teachers, feeding back on the program outcomes. As a 'Dynamic Author', I am attempting to create a 'virtuous loop' here as the reader will no doubt recognize. Join me please. You will always be supported and I will always respond and guide accordingly. And. Good luck to us all!




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