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3 Tips to Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts

3 Tips to Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts


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Grade Level Grades K-2

About This Lesson

Elementary Mathematics Specialist, Karyn Hodgens, shares three fun and creative ways to use dice to help kindergartners and first graders practice their addition and subtraction facts.

Adheres to CCSS

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2 Reviews
Great resource to build deep number sense. Help kids see the relevance for understanding numbers in a fun way...playing games. This resource could also be used for special populations in 1st and/or 2nd grade.
July 10, 2013
Great resource once more and again. The only thing that I would change is some of the verbage for the tools that are being used. In the inner city schools, I would refer the die or dice as a number cube. :)
April 29, 2013