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60 division tables worksheets or quizzes with answer keys.
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60 division tables worksheets or quizzes with answer keys.


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Subject Math
Grade Level Grades 3-5
Resource Type Worksheet

About This Lesson

This MS Word document contains 60 sheets for the division tables. You can use these as worksheets or quizzes, and each has a separate sheet for the answer key. Each quiz has a specific range of tables included, so you can test students on just the tables that your students have learned. As the students learn more, the number of tables included in a given quiz grows.

Here's a preview: Free PowerPoint for Teaching or Reviewing the Division Tables (

Each quiz is unique because a random-number generator was used to help select the facts from each table. That way, if you want to give several quizzes on the same range of tables, you can do so while ensuring the students are not learning the quiz answers instead of the math facts.

Each quiz has a matching answer page that the teacher can use as the key when reading the answers out-loud or by asking an assistant (e.g., a volunteer student) to do so.

The first page has hyperlinks so that you can jump to the table of interest very quickly -- this is handy since the document is 122 pages.

This document provides the questions in paper and multiple digital formats, directly or via links to shared drives, which you can then download. Digital formats may save teachers time correcting homework, identifying common errors, and entering individual scores into gradebooks -- and some can teach students by giving immediate feedback. The formats include:

  • Blackboard (formatted)
  • Canvas (formatted and at Canvas Commons by searching "Test Prep LLC")
  • Google Forms (available to copy into your Google Drive)
  • Google Slides (available to copy into your Google Drive)
  • Microsoft Forms (available to copy into your MS Forms Drive)
  • Moodle (formatted)
  • Respondus (formatted)

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December 1, 2023
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Free PowerPoint for Teaching or Reviewing the Division Tables


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