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Action-Packed Learning! Activities That Reinforce Early-Learning Skills and SEL Themes Inspired by Action Pack


Engage your students in action-packed learning with Action Pack!

The Action Pack are a group of heroic kids who use their superpowers and teamwork to help the citizens of Hope Springs, but with one super twist — they see the good in everything, including the baddies.

Catch new episodes of Action Pack on Netflix June 6.

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:

  • Complete teacher's kit -- four student activity sheets that reinforce early learning skills and social-emotional themes, such as teamwork, mindfulness, and identifying feelings
  • Family letter with fun family ideas that engage children in superhero challenges
  • Bonus activity set — four additional bonus activity sheets that can be used in class or at home for summer fun
  • Curricular standards chart
  • Link to Action Pack on Netflix
  • Link to a DIY craft video to create Action Pack hoodies

Made Possible By: Netflix




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May 13, 2022
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May 13, 2022
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