AFT Professional Learning for Educators

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AFT Professional Learning for Educators

The AFT has long recognized that the union’s responsibilities go beyond the traditional “bread and butter” issues of salary and benefits. The AFT Professional Learning Program represents one of the union’s major efforts to improve student achievement by making a difference in practitioners’ performance and professional growth.

In 1981, the AFT received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to develop a series of courses to encourage all practitioners to improve their practice and their students’ performance by becoming users of research. Today, the AFT Professional Learning Program offers graduate-level courses ranging from 30 to 45 hours, three-hour modules, webinars, technology tools and more to appeal to all educators.

By addressing the professional needs of our educator members, we are able to help them be even more successful in their careers; the union; the institutions in which they work; and in serving their students, families and communities.

Key Features:

The AFT professional learning and member engagement program empowers educators to connect theory to practice and improve student outcomes. AFT professional learning:

Is rooted in evidence-based educational, cognitive and social science research.

Is guided by cutting-edge experts in the field and designed by frontline educators who know firsthand what goes on in classrooms and schools every day.

Provides educators with the necessary tools and resources to make complex decisions and select the most effective strategies for meeting individual students’ academic, social and behavioral needs.

Connects excellent teaching practice with broader educational policy issues and campaigns.

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