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Back to School Toolkit: Building Community for Connection and Learning


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About This Lesson

This back-to-school toolkit includes activities and ideas will help you create a learning environment where students can thrive. Educators may feel pressured to jump right into instruction at the beginning of the school year. Yet taking the time in the first few weeks of school to nurture community, build relationships, and attend to students’ social-emotional needs lays the foundation for students to engage with the content, take risks, and support one another all year.

The resources in this toolkit are modular and flexible. They include professional learning for educators grounded in four core priorities of trauma-informed instruction, daily classroom routines for creating continuity and helping students feel safe and emotionally secure, and classroom activities that foster trust and a sense of belonging in the classroom for the school year ahead.

This toolkit supports Facing History's US History Curriculum Collection: Democracy & Freedom.


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