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Charting Careers: Sail into the World of Marine Opportunities!
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Charting Careers: Sail into the World of Marine Opportunities!


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About This Lesson

Set sail on a thrilling educational voyage with Captain Sandy’s Charities and the State of Florida! Young Minds Inspired is proud to present an exclusive curriculum designed to unveil the captivating world of marine careers to your students.  

Embark on an educational journey where students will delve into the responsibilities and essential skills demanded by these dynamic careers. From navigating vast oceans to mastering onboard operations, students will explore a diverse array of roles available on yachts and vessels, including entry-level positions. Our program ignites a passion for marine careers while fostering career preparedness and planning, emphasizing STEM, nautical navigation, geography, and the art of reading informational text. 

Our program not only broadens horizons but aligns seamlessly with Florida State Standards, ensuring educational excellence while fostering awareness of exciting career opportunities on the open waters. 

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:   

  • Core Teaching Kit 

  • Supplemental Teaching Kit 

  • An interactive digital magazine  

  • A digital quiz  

  • Student Career Handouts 

  • Student Career Planning Handout 

  • External Links 

Get ready to inspire, educate, and set sail towards limitless possibilities with Captain Sandy’s Charities, the State of Florida, and Young Minds Inspired! 

Made Possible By: Captain Sandy’s Charities and the State of Florida 



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