China by the Numbers

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ESOL language proficiency level: advanced
In reference to China's burgeoning population, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Matthew Scranton ponders the question, "Can you conceive of 1.3 billion anything? In this lesson, students will learn about place value, exponents and how there's a number amount for everything.

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December 2013
Lesson combines social studies, language arts, and math in a place value lesson.
July 2013
Great resource to refer to for support. It is great to have a full lesson plan. Being able to keep the focus on the CCSS at a specific grade level could be the challenge.
April 2013
Great concept, but professionally; I have not had an ESOL student that has come to me that I have to really get to the basics like this. The may possibly come and when it does I have a great resource to refer to.