Cloud Elevation Lesson for Upper Elementary

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Overview: Students will investigate how clouds are formed, at what elevations they occur and how they can help predict the weather. 

Driving Question: How can cloud formation and location help us predict the weather? 

Learning Targets: 

  • Students will explain the different cloud types and where they occur in the atmosphere. 
  • Students will explain how knowledge of cloud types can help predict the weather. 
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the hydrologic cycle and how weather is affected. 

Lesson created by the AFT Science Cadre

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December 2019
The interdisciplinary approach is inviting and accessible for teachers who needs to teach all subjects in elementary school. The variety of resources are welcome. The demonstrations of cloud making is easy and it works!
December 2019
Loads of information on this topic!
December 2019
Extremely thorough and engaging lesson that is aligned to the NSGS standards - love!