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Collaborating for Student Success: A Comprehensive, Practical Guidebook

Subject Social Studies
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Collaborating for Student Success: A Comprehensive, Practical Guidebook for Increasing Shared Decision-Making Through Lasting Partnerships is a practical toolbox for how to implement and structure labor management partnerships—soup to nuts. While extensive, there are many user-friendly pieces within it designed to do everything from helping teams structure meetings, to establishing goals and shared values, to moving towards consensus.

In short, this guide can help you build shared decision making and include educators’ voices in the operations of schools. We know that when outcomes improve when you do this. Student outcomes improve, teacher retention and job satisfaction increases, and working environments and conditions for all educators can get better.

This resource reflects the years-long work of a national group called the National Labor Management Partnership (NLMP) of which the AFT and NEA are a part. The NLMP exists because we as educators know how important it is for labor and management to work together for the success of students, schools, and our communities. Collaboration doesn’t replace collective bargaining, but it can build on it and be an essential piece. Together they can be a critical tool to give educators voice in decisions about their working conditions and their students’ learning conditions.



NLMP Collaborating for Student Success Guidebook 2022 5-5-22.pdf

May 16, 2022
7.3 MB
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