David Kato Lesson Plan

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This age-appropriate lesson plan explores the life and legacy of David Kato to the world’s understanding of personal sacrifice to advance social justice. As the first person in Uganda to publicly declare his homosexuality in the media, Kato put a human face on the regressive social attitudes being rapidly adopted by the Ugandan government as official policy. The subsequent criminalization of non-hetero-normative identity and orientation led to a wave of brutality bordering on genocide. Though ultimately martyred for being unapologetically gay, Kato’s courageous example became internationally recognized and drew worldwide condemnation for Uganda, which was forced – at least nominally – to dial back on its cruelty towards sexual minorities. Like all Legacy Project lesson plans, this document highlights four different learning tracks according to James Banks's multicultural education model and Bloom's Taxonomy. Tracks 1 - 4 are roughly structured to align with the cognitive retention and synthesis capabilities of students from early-to-mid Elementary School (Track 1); late Elementary-to-early Middle School (Track 2); late Middle School-to-early High School (Track 3); and early-to-late High School.

Suggested Study Subject Integration: Social Justice, Political Science, LGBTQ History, World History, International Relations and Diplomacy

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