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Desalination & Design Thinking Science Lesson
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Desalination & Design Thinking Science Lesson


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Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Standards Alignment
Next Generation Science Standards

About This Lesson

Access Free Lesson Plan Here: Desalination Exploration

In this lesson, students explore different methods of desalination.

Step 1 - Inquire: Students read two facts about the Earth’s water and share reactions.

Step 2 - Investigate: Students watch a video on desalination and take notes.

Step 3 - Inspire: Students analyze two desalination processes, evaluate an at-home desalination model, and have the opportunity to build the desalination model.

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Desalination Exploration - SubjectToClimate - SML.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 28, 2023
940.24 KB


Plan and conduct an investigation of the properties of water and its effects on Earth materials and surface processes.
Create a computational simulation to illustrate the relationships among the management of natural resources, the sustainability of human populations, and biodiversity.
Analyze a major global challenge to specify qualitative and quantitative criteria and constraints for solutions that account for societal needs and wants.
Evaluate a solution to a complex real-world problem based on prioritized criteria and trade-offs that account for a range of constraints, including cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics, as well as possible social, cultural, and environmental impacts.


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