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Discussing War and Conflict: Resources for Educators, Parents and Caregivers


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About This Lesson

As images of war and conflict fill television screens and flood the internet right now, young people need the support of parents, caregivers and educators to grapple with their emotions and to understand the events.

The October 7, 2023, terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel and the resulting declaration of war by Israel have far-reaching effects and are especially difficult for children with connections to the region, as well as for those who have experienced war and conflict. The rise in hate crimes across the United States creates an urgent need to address issues of antisemitism and Islamophobia that may increase in schools and communities because of these recent events.

Young people want to talk about what they see happening in the world and how they feel about it, and they need guidance to have those crucial conversations in safe ways that encourage empathy and understanding. Providing safe spaces for students to learn about and discuss current events is essential—and so is helping young people to process their emotions.

Learning for Justice offers the following resources for educators, parents and caregivers to help facilitate crucial conversations and support young people.



Discussing War and Conflict_ Resources for Educators- Parents and Caregivers _ Learning for Justice (1).pdf

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December 8, 2023
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