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Grade Level Grades 9-12


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DisruptED PD is new program on the DisruptED TV Network brought to you by Professionally Driven: and hosted by the founder of Professionally Driven, Jarod Bormann.

The premium program focuses on: Professional development which shouldn't create master teachers. It should create master learners. Jarod believes every educator chooses this profession because of an established desire to learn - and that desire doesn't end once they receive their teaching degree. However, too many outside variables impede an educator's learning throughout their career, and unfortunately, we see teacher burnout or fixed mindsets that can begin to develop. It is Jarod’s passion to reignite that flame to learn for every educator or stoke the fires that continue to burn.

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About the host:
Jarod Bormann is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Keystone AEA with a Masters in Instructional Technology through the university of Northern Iowa, and adjunct professor. Jarod formally taught MS/HS English in one of the first 1:1 iPad school in Iowa. He is an annual presenter at the Keystone KPEC Conference, ITEC Iowa (2016 Iowa Featured Speaker), as well as other educational conferences throughout the Midwest. Jarod is an ITEC Iowa Board Member and Co-host of the Next Level Learning podcast. He was also recognized as the 2014 Iowa Safe Schools Educator of the Year. In 2017 was named one of the top 40 Flipped Learning administrators and tech coaches worldwide (

Jarod has published the following books: Professionally Driven: Empower EVERY Educator to Redefine PD and The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning (contributed vignette). Jarod is the founder of Professionally Driven:


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