DisruptSTRESS: A Journey to Mindfulness

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DisruptSTRESS: A Journey to Mindfulness

DisruptED TV/DisruptHealth have partnered with Fablefy to bring you DisruptSTRESS: A Journey to Mindfulness.  This is an animated premium series with Shilpi Mahajan.

Shilpi Mahajan is an entrepreneur passionate about creating companies at the intersection of technology, creativity and social impact. My company Fablefy is a media company focused on bringing mindfulness and social and emotional learning to children. We have an array of videos and books featuring our superheroes, Able and Fy to help your child become a mindful superhero. I am a mother of two kids and use my own experiences to build into our media. In my previous avataar, I have worked in Finance and Transformation with brands like GE, Gillette, IWMI and ETS across multi-geographies.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel and if you would like for us to come to your location for a live session we can schedule this for you. 

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