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DisruptED TV Leading UnAfraid

Grade Level Grades 9-12


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DisruptED TV presents Leading UnAfraid with Randy Speck.

Randy Speck believes Leadership is needed in so many industries but there may be no greater place for creativity, innovation and new ways of thinking than in education. His career has been in education but the passion has to do with assisting people, whether they be adults or children to be able to reach their full potential. Organizations, made up of people need to be constantly trained and developed into performing at higher levels than they were. There is nothing constant about the world we live in and business and education has to be flexible. That is why leadership is so important.

Body of Work: • Creative Sales Approach: Established gift programs raising financial resources for organization while also raising public awareness • Leadership Development: Designed and executed training programs for employees, including specific individuals targeted for future leadership positions within the organization • Client Development and Growth: Use a creative sales approach to increase growth through new customers by 60% over the most recent three year period • Customer Service and Retention: Instituted a customer service initiative which resulting in a customer retention rate of 96% during the same six year period • Business Management and Strategic Mapping: Developed long range sales and growth objectives resulting in over 5 million dollars in additional revenue • Communication Skills: Presented business strategies to Coca-Cola and Chrysler to improve team building and strategic alignment • Organizational and Marketing Skills: Awarded “Bright Spots of 2010” and “Entrepreneur of Distinction” by Corp! Magazine for creative and an innovation leadership approach

Specialties: Training and Performance Improvement Strategic Mapping Balanced Scorecard Development Organizational Turn-Arounds Training Interventions Leadership Development Dynamic Team Building Organizational Branding Innovation Management Business Development Online and Blended Learning


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