DisruptED TV CoffeeChug

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DisruptED TV CoffeeChug

DisruptED TV presents DisruptED TV CoffeChug with your host Aaron Mauer. Aaron challenges the educator to create every space a Makerspace in the school building. Watch Aaron's episodes as he disrupts the STEAM paradigm.

Coffeechug is a nickname that stuck with me back when I taught sixth grade social studies and was Emperorer Coffeechug during an ancient Rome simulation. I have not lost the name due to the fact that I am always seen with a cup of coffee in hand. I have been teaching for over a decade (stating it like that makes me feel old). I am currently an Instructional Coach working with teachers to develop high quality projects, lessons, ideas, student voice, technology, and anything else that comes my way. Prior to this position I spent four years as a gifted education teacher for Bettendorf Schools in Bettendorf, Iowa. I worked with grades 4 and 5 in a pull out program where they are transported to the middle school for class two days a week(separate days for each grade). I also taught extensions/enrichment for grades 6-8 during the rest of the day. Prior to that job I spent five years as a sixth grade social studies and literacy teacher. When the school day is over my day is just beginning with my duties as a First Lego League Robotics coach, 8th grade boys and girls basketball coach, and running intramural football for sixth grade. I am also running a new engineering program called Young Engineers of Today. I am blessed to be married to another amazing teacher and person and we have three children. We are called the A Team for our first names: Aaron, Amanda, Aiden, Addyson, and Ava. My goal with everything I do in life is to challenge myself and others in their lives and thinking. I hope you find the content useful and look forward to connecting. I am always available to present and speak if needed. I have all past presentations shared on this site along with all project.

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