DisruptED TV Leadership Sparks

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DisruptED TV Leadership Sparks

Dr. Christopher Nagy holds a BPh in Philosophy and a BTh in Theology from St. John Lateran University and an MA in Theology from St. Thomas University both. He began his career in education teaching in a private school. He then gained additional duties including the role of vice principal and oversight of school finances. He earned his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and administrator certifications from Lehigh University in 1993. Dr. Nagy earned his Ed.D. from Widener University in Educational Administration in 2006. In 2011, he assumed the role of Superintendent of Schools in Bergen County, NJ. Dr. Nagy then received the opportunity in 2014 to leverage his administrative footprint in post-secondary education and career technical education in a duel role as the principal of the Adult Division of the Burlington County Institute of Technology and the Burlington County Apprentice Coordinator. Dr. Nagy then became the shared Asst. Supt. for Special Education at the Burlington County Special Services School District and Burlington County Institute of Technology. 

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October 2018