Drugs Are Bad PowerPoint and Anti-Drug Lesson


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About This Lesson

I hope this PowerPoint show will help stop teens from using drugs! On a survey students said I should make drugs seem more scary and dangerous so I created this 25-slidePowerPoint. Be advised of graphic pictures! This 25-slide presentation on the dangers of drugs can be shown to teens anytime, or anywhere. If you teach Health, it fits great into your drug unit. It comes with full lesson plans for a talk on Marijuana and "Amotivational Syndrome." Aligned to Common Core State Standards: SL.9-10.1, SL.11-12.1 BE AWARE-IT'S GRAPHIC!


June 2013
this type of presentation is not fit for public/schools
June 2013
While this is a powerful lesson, it is VERY graphic. Be sure to preview and assess it's appropriateness before using.