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Earth Day Activities for Kids
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Earth Day Activities for Kids


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Grade Level Grades 3-5
Resource Type Activity
Standards Alignment
Common Core State Standards, State-specific

About This Lesson

Access Free Lesson Plan Here: Earth Day Activities (3-5)

This ready-to-use, no-prep bundle of Earth Day resources for students in grades 3-5 includes the following:

  • a word wall activity
  • art activities
  • writing prompts
  • language arts activity worksheets

Students will love all of the fun activities associated with nature, the Earth, and celebrating Earth Day!

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Earth Day Activities (3-5) - SubjectToClimate - SML.pdf

March 7, 2023
940.24 KB


Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 3 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.
Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. Use combined knowledge of all letter-sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and morphology (e.g., roots and affixes) to read accurately unfamiliar multisyllabic words in context and out of context.
Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.


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