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Easy Ways to Reinforce Multiplication and Division

Easy Ways to Reinforce Multiplication and Division


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Grade Level Grades K-5

About This Lesson

Transition times in the classroom are a great way to reinforce multiplication and division facts. Karyn Hodgens, Elementary Mathematics Specialist, shows you how to seamlessly integrate this simple activity into the daily classroom routine. Not only is this transition time activity a great reinforcement of multiplication and division facts, it also allows for a lot of mental math as students calculate how many seconds they really have to get ready.

Adheres to CCSS

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2 Reviews
Great classroom management strategy for students and supporting their mental math skills. Great idea to also use with special populations.
July 10, 2013
Simple things like this helps to reinforce their division and multiplication skills. I was doing it a different way, but by following these steps/tips I know my students will become proficient. Will implement this tomorrow.
April 29, 2013