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Explore Stars with Disney’s Wish!

Grade Level Grades 1-3
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Are you ready to take your students on a magical journey through the world of Disney? Designed for students in grades 1-3, these lesson plans will help your students read informational texts, and develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills while exploring the enchanting world of Disney. 

The program covers various subjects, such as language arts, science, technology, engineering, and math. Each lesson plan is interactive and engaging, featuring activities like wishing on a star, exploring the science behind stars, and reflecting on what makes each of us a star! And don't worry, teachers - the program provides useful resources like worksheets and discussion questions. 

By incorporating the Disney Wish lesson plans into your classroom, you'll be able to immerse your students in the magic of Disney while simultaneously fostering their intellectual growth. With these lesson plans, learning will become an enjoyable and meaningful experience for your students.  

Made Possible By: Disney 

Teacher kit includes: 

  • Teacher’s guide/lesson plan 
  • Three activities to support communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity 

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:  

  • Complete teaching kit for grades 1-3 
  • Curricular standards chart 
  • Family take-home letter (English and Spanish) 
  • Activity pack 
  • A link to the Wish trailer 
  • Wish poster 

Bring the magic of Disney to your classroom with the Disney Wish lesson plans today! Wish is in theaters on November 22. 




Lesson Plan
October 23, 2023
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