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FREE Colorful Printable TellingTime Worksheets - Grade 2 & Grade 3


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Grade Level Grades K-2

About This Lesson

It is time for some telling time. These FREE math worksheets are all about telling time Worksheets. It has 4 colorful math worksheets and math activities that are apt for children who need FUN practice in telling time. These telling time worksheets are apt for 2nd graders and up. It goes from easy to hard to make the concept understandable for kids.

The story behind each telling time worksheet help them relate and urge them to solve accurately and fast. Kids enjoy reading the story, connect with the characters and solve the worksheet getting more interested and involved. 

Through these telling time worksheets, children will learn time and work on:-
Hard skills

- Drawing and reading an analog clock.
- Addition of time in 1 unit.
- Sequencing the events chronologically.

Soft skills 

-Develop healthy habits
-Take care of grandparents and elders.

About these worksheets 

Tick Tock Worksheet 

All the clocks in Arvind’s house have stopped working. Now he is confused to carry out his daily routine. Oh no! Help him by cutting the clocks and pasting them for the appropriate activity!
Math Skills:
- Activities you do at a different time.
- Drawing and reading an analog clock.

Connect The Dots Star Worksheet

Dotty Dody has a surprise for you! Maybe an animal or a sweet monster? Want to know what it is? Just join the dots to find it! But wait, it isn’t that easy. You must join the dots in ascending order of dates. Let’s get to it.
Math Skills: 
- Sequencing the events chronologically.

Colours Of Time 1 Worksheet

Tell your students a fact about clock-Way back during the old times, people rely on sun and water to measure time. Time readings were not accurate then, until the invention of clocks. The first mechanical clock was invented in the late 1200s.
Math Skills: 
- Drawing and reading an analog clock.

Patient No 5 Worksheet 

You are going to the hospital to visit your grandfather. Few days back, he was hospitalized there. The doctor has given him a timetable. The timetable has scheduled for his medicines and food. But there are some errors in it. Now you have to rectify those errors for your grandfather.
Math Skills 
- Drawing and reading an analog clock.
- Addition of time in 1 unit.

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