Gap fill (Reading)


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Because one never has enough gap fill exercises here you have a complete selection of slightly adapted articles ready to be projected and printed for your students. You have also an interactive menu to take you directly to the piece of news of your choice and also a button on the texts (upper right margin) to take you back to the main menu. 

9 Articles adapted from some of the most popular Spanish newspapers and magazines. TOPICS: pollution, energy, saving the planet, immigration, integration, racism, wealth and poverty, law and order, impact of scientific and technological progress.

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February 2018
Thank you so much! I wish I had more time to prepare more resources right now but I am so busy. I will try to upload some more soon though.
January 2018
Fantastic!! love it.. can you make some more?:) Really like the way you selected the cognates. Well thought out. I am thinking of doing T/F questions and also adding where int eh text they fond the evidence..