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Grade 10(IGCSE): Have You Got What It Takes? Applying for a Job.
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Grade 10(IGCSE): Have You Got What It Takes? Applying for a Job.


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Grade Level Grade 10
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

1. What are the different types of jobs available and how do they differ in terms of qualifications, skills, and experience required?

2. How do you write a strong job application and CV that will make you stand out from other candidates?

3. How do you prepare for a job interview and answer common interview questions effectively?

4.What are the different stages of the job-hunting process and how do you navigate them successfully?

5. What are the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers?Students think about what an ideal job would be and how they should go about getting it. In preparation for the IGCSE Speaking Test, students present their job application, as an interview, recorded or live, to peers and a broader audience. Collaborating in pairs, taking the role of interviewer and interviewee, students will showcase their research and information about the modern job market. As a final step, students will reflect on the whole assignment.



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Project Based Learning
April 17, 2024
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