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Spreadsheet: Identity Safe K-12 Signature Strategies for an Equitable Classroom

Grade Level Grades K-12
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Identity safe teaching is an evidence-based approach offering a way of creating an equitable classroom where student of all backgrounds and social identities feel valued and accepted. Research yielded four domains where students felt more identity safe and performed at higher levels in school. These are: 1. Student-Centered Teaching, 2. Cultivating Diversity as a Resource, 3. Classroom Relationships; and 4. Caring Classrooms. Each strategy is also linked to a "component" within the domain.

Strategies were gathered from educators in this living document. It is not a program, nor is it a checklist of strategies. These strategies are provided to offer ideas for implementation. There are many additional effective strategies that address these components. The strategies are listed and described, explaining the connection with identity safe practices.

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Id Safe Strategies 9-16-17 OVERVIEW.pdf

February 13, 2020
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