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The Integumentary System - Digital Interactive Notebook Pages
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The Integumentary System - Digital Interactive Notebook Pages


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Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

Middle School and High School Digital Interactive Notebook Pages - The Integumentary System. Designed specifically for the 1:1 classroom utilizing any kind of digital device such as Chromebooks, Cellphones, or Tablets.

Engage your students and utilize technology to bring science to life for your students. This package of interactive notebook pages contains 6 interactive activities plus an extension activity.

**Included in your purchase is complimentary access to my PowerPoint Lesson --> Integumentary System - PowerPoint Lesson and Student Notes. Together, the lesson and notebook pages provide comprehensive instruction on the topic. Once you've made your purchase, you will receive instructions to retrieve your lesson**

Your notebook pages include the following activities

- Write!

- Drag and Drop Label

- Word Splash!

- Draw!

- Report!

- Drag and Drop Table

- Extension Activity

*************I feel that the most effective way to see what you’ll receive is to actually access it, play with it, and that way, you’ll know if it’s right for your classroom. To do that, I’ve created a sample notebook you can access by CLICKING HERE

You can also watch me complete one of my Digital INB (in accelerated time) by CLICKING HERE *************

Each page was created to look and feel like a traditional notebook but was designed to take advantage of everything that digital brings.

Included in the Body Systems Digital Interactive Bundle are the following Chapters

Chapter 1 - The Digestive System

Chapter 2 - The Circulatory System

Chapter 3 - The Respiratory System

Chapter 4 - The Excretory System

Chapter 5 - The Endocrine System

Chapter 6 - The Nervous System

Chapter 7 - The Reproductive System

Chapter 8 - The Muscular and Skeletal System

Chapter 9 - The Integumentary System

Digital Interactive Notebook for Google and OneDrive cloud services. If you don’t currently have a Google account, you can sign up for one completely free and get started in 5 minutes. If you’re a OneDrive user, no problem. Simply download the notebook as a PowerPoint file to your computer then upload it to your OneDrive account. The majority of the items in this resource are fully editable. In addition, slides can be added or removed easily to suit your classroom needs.

THEN: Before computers, we used interactive notebooks to engage our students and keep their notebooks organized and accessible. This, however, required a lot of material and the unwelcome task of lugging them all home with you to mark. But we used them because they were effective and allowed us to effectively assess our students' understanding.

NOW: Why use digital interactive notebooks? As prices decrease, many schools are moving towards a 1:1, computer-student ratio and are becoming digital. The way we teach needs to keep up. You don’t even need a class set of computers; a personal device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) will work just as well.

Digital interactive notebooks provide all the same means of organization and assessment but without the physical notebook. This…

1) Saves you from bringing them back and forth/storing them in your class.

2) Purchasing all the necessary supplies.

3) Having them get lost, misplace pages, etc.

Once you purchase, you’ll get a direct link. This link will allow you to place your own copy of the digital notebook into your Google Drive folder. From there, simply distribute the file to your students. No notebooks, no glue, no scissors, not even a USB in site. Everything is stored and can be accessed in the cloud from any computer in the world. If your students go on holiday, they can access it. If they’re sick, they can access it.

What activities will you find inside my Digital Interactive Notebooks?

• Interactive drag-and-drop activities

• Embedded videos that play inside the slides along with questions

• Calculation questions

• Audio recorders - students record and upload their own auditory answers to questions

• Fill-in-the-blanks

• Drawings - students create their own drawing then easily upload them to their slides using their device or computer

• Research questions

• Extension questions for early finishers, those wanting extra credit, or incorporated into the mainstream assignment

• Vocabulary check on the entire unit

• Lots more


What if my school won’t pay for Google products or access to Google Classroom? No problem. G-Suite, as it’s called, is completely free and includes everything you’ll need to access your digital notebooks.

What if your students don’t have internet access for some reason? These notebooks can easily be made available off-line for access anywhere.

Left-side/Right-side. Is there a place for students to include their own notes? Yes! That’s the beauty of going digital. You don’t need a left and right side. When you or your students want some more room, just add a slide and go to town.

Worried about plagiarism? I use to ensure my students are submitting their own work. However, I attempt to make these as interactive and individual as possible, which all but eliminates cheating.

Do you feel that your students will miss out on the hands-on experience they receive from traditional interactive notebooks? In today’s world, I don’t think that’s a concern. Your students are and need to be well versed in the world of technology and how to manipulate it to suit their needs. This resource will help.


For free resources, useful teaching tips, and tools, please visit my blog -

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email -



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